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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

White already to harvest

I'm going to again today for another Temple Trip exchange. 'Twill be my third. Crazy that the transfer is already ending! It's gone by way too fast. The speed of light. The longer I am out on the mission, the faster it moves along. Scary!
I wish you all my warmest Father's Day greetings. I express my gratitude to my own father and the fatherly figures in my life who have raised me up! I completely forgot Father's Day was coming up until church yesterday. Don't worry papa, I wrote out a letter to you today. Yesterday the relief society gave me a cute baggie of peanut M&M's with a friendly "Happy Father's Day" greeting attached to them. I didn't know I was a father.
Elder Ledford and I have 2 new families to teach! The first is the Hodge family. The mother, Marika, requested a bible to read while recovering from her knee surgery. We stopped by and asked if we could share a simple message about Jesus Christ with her and her family and she said we could come back this week to share the good word. We set up to come back on Thursday. The other family lives across the road from us, and were interested in finding a church to atend as they recently moved in. I don't know their last name yet, but the parents names are Darryl and Danielette. They will be expecting their third child soon, so they are out of work for the next couple months. Since we will be out of town the first half of the week, we will be seeing them on Wednesday. The gospel blesses families! The work is hastening here in the land I've been the past 8 months. I've seen so much growth. So many families are moving into the branch too! Pretty soon it will be a ward!
Ben Foote's interview was off the charts awesome. He came in a new suit and tie. He's so ready for his baptism on Saturday. Stay tuned for photos!
I just realized that I use a lot of exclamation marks when I email!
Yesterday for our Father's Day sacrament meeting, Brother Albert Fredette of the stake high council spoke to the branch. His son Jimmer Fredette plays for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. He spoke very powerfully about the significance of the Great Apostasy and the importance of the Restoration of Christ's church using much biblical evidence to prove the truthfulness of our church. He is an incredible speaker. I heard him speak the beginning of my stay here in Albany as well. In the cultural hall before sacrament meeting, he and I chatted about  missionary work and how the easiest way to share the gospel is through our actions. He shared a story of someone in Jimmer's high school who had never met Jimmer but knew that he was a nice guy. It struck his interest in learning more about our faith and he was later baptized in the Glens Falls ward. Pretty cool. We don't have to be superstars to have an effect on people. We just need to share our light with those who want it! We may not see immediate effects, but we are planting seeds that can be harvested in the Lord's perfect timing. Be an example of the believers!
Muito amor,
Elder Kunzler

Wings of the bald eagle

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