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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Bub

Hey Family!
I haven't too much time to write you today but I just wanted you all to feel my love and hear about a couple cool things that happened this week.
Remember Justin? He was my very first new investigator back 8 months ago when I was a young(er) lad. We've been teaching him off and on for a long time and he is finally progressing further toward baptism. We teach him very very simply so he can remember the messages we share with him, and we taught him the first lesson from our new teaching method about the restoration for about 15 minutes using the restoration pamphlet to assess what he could see in each picture. We reviewed it with him, and he remembered it, so we moved on to the Plan of Salvation and showed him the video from lds.org called "Our Eternal Plan" (I believe that's what it is called). He understood it well enough to teach US the message of the Restoration and Plan of Salvation like a scholar. He nailed it and is working towards being baptized on July 12th.
This week it was also a grand experience to go on an exchange in Cohoes, NY on an island that takes 3 45-minute ferry rides to get to, and is entirely populated with Orca whales and Leprochauns. Just kidding. You just have to walk across a short bridge to get there. I had the lucky pleasure to work with Elder Hutchinson, a newer elder. He is a rockstar. He likes soccer a lot and wanted to know what I thought of Brazil's soccer team. I know NOTHING about soccer, which is probably the reason why I don't deserve to be in Brazil during the world cup. While we were out knocking on doors and street contacting in 87 degree weather with clear skies, we received an urgent text from the government, saying that flash floods were coming to our area. We both looked at the sky and laughed. Then ten minutes later, all at once a HUGE monsoon (so it seemed) came and we ran for a couple miles to get coats. We were both drenched, like we had fallen into the Hudson River. Since I didn't pack wisely, I spend the rest of the day wet. Mission mems :)
I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of the Atonement and ways I can teach it more simply so our investigators can understand more of it. I have learned that we can only receive all the blessing of the atonement if we become Christ's people, or in other words, members of His church. It is so important that everyone has the chance to hear that because of Christ, we can overcome any obstacle that comes in life. As we share this message with those who really struggle, they too can feel of the joy that this message has for everyone. Share the video "Because of Him" with your friends!
Muito Amor,
Elder Kunzler

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