Utica, NY

Monday, June 9, 2014


I went to VERMONT this week. I've never been there before. It reminded me a lot of Oregon- It's extremely green, only there are many fields and hills were cows enjoy grazing. I'm 86% sure that there are more cows in Vermont than human beings. I guess that explains why Ben and Jerry's is there. Not very many elders have treat of tasting the sweet air of Bennington, Vermont in this mission because it's a sister's only area. I was assigned to go there to conduct a baptismal interview for a wonderful woman who was very excited to be baptized. It was a spirit-filled experience for the both of us and we are very excited for her baptism this week.
In this mission, we wake up at 6:29 every day. On Thursday morning, 6:29 sharp, Ben Foote texted us and said that he wanted to be baptized on the 28th of this month. I was the best alarm I've ever had on the mission and the start of a wonderful day. We were way stoked indeed, then I realized that transfers are on the 25th, just three days before. It was scary to think that there could be a chance I wouldn't be there at his baptism. Later that day in a lesson with him, he said that his brother couldn't come that weekend from Rochester to baptize him, so he changed the date to the 21st. Tender Mercies of the Lord are REAL.
On Saturday we did a couple hours of service of service for him-the best service project I've ever participated in. He is re-doing the patios of his house, so he jack hammered his old patios into piles of debris and large rocks. We moved all of that to his trailer and then drove it to the dump. We spend an hour at the dump throwing these large rocks at random things at the dump. Being destructive and shattering glass gave me a real sense of satisfaction- I caught a glimpse of how Josh must have felt as a child when he destroyed things, and when he threw Patrick into the canal in the YouTube sensation entitled, "The Usurpist." My right arm is still pretty sore.
Another miracle! We showed up to Eileen Johnson's home later in the week and Eileen surprised us that she left her job at Dunkin Donuts. Her manager didn't allow her to take Sundays off, so she couldn't come to church. She is so happy and excited that she can spend more time with her kids and come to church so they can finally be baptized! She has an interview with another bakery close to her home that won't have her work on the weekends. We are now preparing Eileen, I'Jalief, Robert, Sarahji, and Za'Mainya to be baptized on the 19th of July. Poor little Ei'Jere will have to wait a couple of years before he reaches the age of accountability.
On Wednesday we spent quality time at Zone Training Meeting, practicing the fundamentals of Preach my Gospel to become more powerful teachers using our new teaching method. The main idea is to create more spiritual experiences for each investigator so they can progress faster and gain stronger testimonies. I am in love with this new method and I really hope President Monteiro lets me use it when I get to Curitiba.
As you share the gospel this week, remember that God teaches His children in their own understanding and doesn't tesify of confusion. Use simple vocabulary to share the light and knowledge you have with someone who doesn't know ANYTHING about the atonement, the plan of salvation, etc. We have the happiness that many people are looking for. Be generous in sharing it with them!
Eu amo voces com todo minha coracao!
Elder Kunzler

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