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Monday, April 7, 2014

life is sweet

Hello Family!
I don't have too much time to write today since we got back much later than we had planned to go bowling as a district. Yes, Bowling. I'm still in America. the Beautiful. Bowling is kind of fun. Sorry for my lack of preparation on preparation day.
Elder Hougaard and I picked up 2 new investigators this week!
The first, Cynthia Blackshear, just recently moved here from Houston, TX and is looking for some joy in her life, so much that she referred herself to the missionaries (us) on mormon.org. She is very interested in the emphasis of families in our church and has a firm belief in Christ. We excited her about the Book of Mormon and it's ability to answer our many important questions and give us the fulness of the gospel. We also talked about how we bring people closer to Jesus Christ and God. She couldn't wait to begin a new adventure in the Book of Mormon. It was pretty funny, actually. She shouted, "Imma startin tonight!"
Our other new investigator is named Janiece. She is a young single mother who recently had a daughter and has been having trouble supporting her while working and paying off her many medical bills. She is in need of help in her life to ease all her stress. She is also very very interested in learning more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, so we decided to teach her the gospel. With Janiece, we talked about God's plan for her and how we can overcome trials with faith and diligence in studying the scriptures. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and testified of it's remarkable power.
Life is not easy, but it is so much easier and better when we keep the the simple commandments and study the scriptures each day. I know that that is true. I've need been more happy in living my life in any other way. I challenge you each to begin your day with some earnest scripture study. I know that your days will be brightened when you invite the spirit into the beginning of your day.
Muito amor,
Elder Kunzler

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