Utica, NY

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


If you have ever seen the Pixar movie Cars, you might remember the scene where Lightning McQueen has finished cleansing his damage on the roads of Radiator Springs and they turn on the neon lights at nighttime, and they play that song that goes, "Life would be a dream... Sha-dooby dobby dooby dobby, Life would be a dream." This week was filled with several moments where this song rang through my ears as I pranced through New York.. Alegria!
Before I go on with more important things to talk to you about, I would like to inform you about my haircut today, which was a rich new experience for me. This week when we were on splits with a member, he told us as we drove by a building that it was a haircutting school where they gave cheap haircuts. Just as Jacob and my father get excited when they find cheap deals, I decided to give it a shot today. As I walked in, the front desk got really excited and offered to give me a free haircut. Then they took Elder Hougaard and I into a classroom of about 15 young women who seemed to be shaving large doll heads. They rejoiced in seeing "a demo" (me) enter the classroom and all sat in their seats. They sat me down in front of these women and one of them volunteered to cut my hair with an instructor and another woman inspecting. They noticed that I looked a bit uncomfortable so they offered me something to drink. I didn't know they meant alcohol, but Elder Hougaard stopped them before they went and got it. I'm proud of my companion for helping me obey my covenants. :) The haircut turned out great, even though I felt like there was a surgery done on my hair. This was a great/different missionary opportunity, and Elder Hougaard will now be their regular demos for free future haircuts!
Remember how I said last week that we collected so many referrals? Well we were able to contact a couple of them, one of which was GOLDEN, like a goldfish. This man, Benjamin Foote, referred himself asking for a copy of the Book of Mormon. At his doorstep, we asked him if he would be interested to hear a little more information about the book. He kindly allowed us in, and we had a very spiritual visit. We found out that he is from Perry, a suburb of Rochester, and his brother, sister and mother are all converts and he became interested in learning more about why they are such happy people. His mother, Rebecca, was there as well. He doesn't have any religious background, but is very interested in our church. We returned on Saturday to teach him about the Holy Ghost, a brand new concept to him. We told him by this power he would be able to know in his heart that this will bring him peace and joy for the rest of his life. He showed up to church on Sunday with his mother Rebecca in a suit and tie a fresh new haircut, and had a glorious experience. Many members thought he was just a visiting member because he looks EXACTLY like a mormon. Elder Hougaard and I cannot express how excited we are to teach Ben. It is a humbling thing that made me think of that song from Cars.
Christian Yarleque is all ready, already. We went over the baptismal interview questions with him so he can have his interview this week and his Baptism will be announced this Sunday, since the following is Stake Conference. On the first question, he bore a powerful testimony of the love of God. It has been an incredible experience to see his tremendous growth in the Gospel. I wish you could all see it. He has never believed that there could be one true church on the earth, that there were just good elements in all of them, to him knowing in his heart by the spirit that this is the same church that Christ himself established in His earthly ministry. It was really good for him to witness his wife's baptism just a couple of months ago. Now their family will be able to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity.
I cannot express the joy that comes from being a servant of God. It is indescribable. Just follow the wise words of Elder Ballard and study Preach my Gospel to know how you can do the same thing. I promise blessings. God can make of us so much more than what we can make of ourselves. All we have to do is be obedient to the Spirit!
I love you all more than baby otters love seaweed,
Elder Kunzler

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