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Monday, April 7, 2014

As Mensagems Incrivels de Conferencia!

La Idioma Classe!

I really liked conference. Truthfully. I felt like I was my child form waiting for Santa to arrive Christmas morning. The energy I worked up for conference was far worth it. I learned so many valuable things from the inspired messages share by the Lord's servants. I heeded the council of my loving brother in France and wrote down six questions before conference began. Every single one was answered. Mostly during the talks given by Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Michael John U. Teh. I thought they were difficult questions to answer, but the spirit can answer all questions, and the spirit of Conference allows us to receive those answers.
We had a great week as usually in the work of the Lord, which is miraculous actually, since we had nothing really scheduled for this week because most of our investigators were out of town. At the beginning of the week we prayed for success as usual, and we received a downpour of referrals from Salt Lake, 7 to be exact. They came in spurts and I thought the phone was breaking because it wouldn't stop vibrating. We still have yet to contact most of these referrals and we are grateful for the blessings and help we receive in serving the Savior.
Jairo and Lucy Ruiz left us. We said our goodbyes after teaching our weekly language class on Tuesday. They were a blessing for our branch and in helping me learn Portuguese. Jairo volunteered every week to teach the spanish gospel principles class we organized and gave us the Gonzalez family to teach. They really were dear friends of mine. Luckily Jairo will be coming to Curitiba towards the end of the World Cup in July, so if I receive my visa by then, we will meet again. He and his wife were able to attend General Conference before going back to Ecuador.
We were able to meet with Christian Yarleque this week! We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. Christian was so engaged. After the part when Alvin dies, he paused the movie and asked if Alvin could be saved if his temple work was done. Elder Hougaard and I were surprised. It is such a treat to teach someone so thirsty for enlightenment.
Something I really learned from this conference is the importance of obedience to the quiet but repetitive invitations to follow the counsel of the spirit, even if the thing we are asked to do seems uncomfortable or might stretch our abilities. The only person who limits the atonement is ourselves. We can live a life of everlasting progression if we want to.
I am so grateful to be a worthy representative of Jesus Christ here in New York. I am grateful for the blessings and knowledge I gain from doing this day to day. I love the gospel. I love the Lord. I won't ever stop trying to being like him, even though I am far away from his perfection.
Com mutio amor para sempre,
Elder Kunzler

An estranged ice cube

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