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Monday, February 3, 2014

Yew Nork

My beautiful family,
This week has been a grand one for missionary work in Albany, New York. I would like to share with you a couple of neat things that are going on here on the eastern front.
Maritza, the matriarch of the Yarleque family from Peru who I've been meeting with weekly for the past four months is getting baptized next week! We have been meeting with her about twice as much. On Friday we went over the baptismal interview questions with her, and she seemed exTREMEly nervous. She had studied the entire Book of Mormon, fearing that the Interview was a questionnaire of how well she knew the Book of Mormon. To her shock, she realized we weren't giving her a Book of Mormon multiple choice final. She will recieve many new blessings from studying the deep details of the Book of Mormon though. She is very prepared for baptism and loves the gospel. I'm excited to see her take this important step, and hopefully her husband will decide to be baptized from feeling the spirit at the service!
Eileen Johnson and her large family is progressing so fast! They all came to church yesterday and LOVED it. Sarahji (a boy), her nine year old son about went up to bear his testimony at the (tail) end of the testimony meeting, but President McGreevy walked up to the podium before witnessing little Sarahji struggling to make his way to the front. I wonder what he would have said, since he don't know much about the gospel quite yet. I'll keep you updated on their progression.
On Thursday, we spent a couple of hours sitting at a table at the State University of New York commons to share the gospel with some teens. It was probably the most fun finding activity I've done here in New York. It was very successful too! In the two hours we were there, we placed four Books of Mormon and picked up 6 potential 'gators. I had an interesting conversation with a Jewish man who was interesting in knowing our beliefs. I was able to learn a few new things about Judaism as well. He asked me why we proselyte as missionaries, since he said it is forbidden in his religion. I told him that Christ says several times in the New Testament that we are commanded to share the gospel.
Later that night, I thought a great deal about this, and how important it is to share the gospel. I realized I wouldn't have the happiness I have today if my ancestors hadn't responded to the missionaries. The gospel is meant to be shared. I am so grateful to be one worthy to share it. There very few things I love more.
Family, I know that as you prayerfully seek for opportunities to share the gospel, you too can feel that these "good tidings" bring "great joy." Being a missionary is the best.
Have an excellent week,
Elder Kunzler

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