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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

O Batismo!

Happy President's Day!
Maritza Yarleque's baptism was incredible! Half of the service was done in Spanish. I could probably understand about 30% of the spanish, which was a tender mercy. Regardless of the language, the spirit was felt very strongly. At the end, Elder Hougaard and I had the opportunity to share our testimonies to the Yarleque family. I was a great moment that I will remember for a very long time.
Elder Hougaard and I will be staying here another 6 weeks! We are going to be filled to the brim with miracles this transfer, I can feel it. We have many baptisms aligned to happen this transfer. I'm so so excited to be able to be at the Johnson family's baptism!
Eileen Johnson is beginning her adventure of the Stop Smoking Program that is used throughout the mission tonight! Elder Hougaard and I are going to work with her to remove these poisons from her life. We are each going to try to give up something we have bad habits with so she doesn't feel alone, even though they won't be as difficult to give up as stopping smoking. I am going to give up quoting too many movies and music! Cheer for us!
We have a new investigator! Her name is Shaquinta Lace. The sisters met her at the grocery store and she expressed many concerns about life that related perfectly with the Plan of Salvation. I began teaching her on an exchange with Elder Lacario at the Albany Public Library. We outlined the missionary visits and found out her questions, needs, concerns, etc. We briefly taught her about the Book of Mormon and its ability to provide peace in this life. She committed to being baptized!
Many people are coming unto Christ in this area. The amount of people we have been teaching here has really shot up these past few months because of our faith to find, teach, and baptize. I am so grateful to worthy to enjoy these blessings that are coming. I love being a missionary.
Enjoy life this week.
Elder Kunzler
P.S. Just so you are all aware, I do not know when the visa to Brazil will be processed. I applied for an FBI Clearance about 4 weeks ago, and it is about halfway through the process. This is the final document the embassy needs. I don't how long it will be until President Wirthlin will call, but I will be leaving for Brazil within a week from when I get that call.

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