Utica, NY

Friday, December 6, 2013

'Tis the season to be Jolly

My loving family,
What does it mean to be Jolly?
Another incredible week has swifted by. It's scary how fast the mission is flying by. Luckily I'll have another 21 months to create lifelong memories.
Elder Menlove has safely arrive at his home in Arizona. I said goodbye to him on Wednesday. He was a great missionary and I have learned a lot from him. I embraced my new companion Elder Hougaard for the first time on our staircase on Wednesday morning after having a successful language study session of teaching my investigator Tiago, a character I drew on my white board. It was quite dramatic.
I LOVE ELDER HOUGAARD. Not just because he looks EXACTLY like Buzz Lightyear, but because he is an incredible missionary. He works really hard and is really obedient and always finds the good in others. He helps me to aspire to become the kind of missionary I want to be. Since this is the first time he hasn't been a Zone Leader in 9 months, I was worried that he wouldn't enjoy having no leadership responsibilities, but this just simply isn't the case. We teach very well together. In most cases, trainers often do most of the talking in lessons, but Elder Hougaard and I are able to trust each other enough to split the time evenly. We work mighty miracles together.
We will have an amazing transfer together. I'm so excited about what lies ahead this transfer. We have had a great start with some great referrals who want to attend church this next Sunday. Boy, that will make my day.
Thanksgiving was a hoot! We ate a large American Thanksgiving meal with many of the members of the branch. I almost forgot how much Thanksgiving makes me tired! It was tough to remain alert the rest of the day!
A couple of days ago while Elder Hougaard was applying for his library card here at the Albany Public Library, I decided to go talk to a woman since I had nothing to do. Turns out this woman was reading a book about Mitt Romney and studies our religion quite a bit. Knowing that she was an avid reader and was interested in our religion, I gave her a Book of Mormon with my testimony written inside. Now, while she is currently sitting across from me telling me that she loves the book. I am SO glad I came prepared with a Book of Mormon!
I love the Book of Mormon. This is something I have realized on my mission. Every time I read it with a new purpose, I gain new insights about the things I am searching for. We can never read it enough. It testifies of Christ, it proves that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that there is a true prophet today. As I find new flecks of gold in the Book of Mormon, I learn how to be a better disciple of Christ. May we all study and treasure this important Book that has been brought forth by many ancient prophets who knew we needed it to restore chirst's true church on the earth. It is meant to be shared with the entire world. Share it with your friends. Do not be afraid. It only can make one happy.
I love you all! Eat a lot of pumpkin pie and cheese balls for me!
Com muito amor,
Elder Kunzler
NY Utica Mission

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