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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Miracles

Family, friends, loved ones-
I feel the true christmas spirit, and I haven't even pulled out the library of Christmas CD's, decorated a christmas tree, watched 'A Christmas Story', or been christmas shopping. The true christmas spirit comes from remembering our savior, and serving him. I've been able to feel this way because of a few christmas miracles that happened this week atop the killer 1st presidency christmas devotional that was given last night. That was killer.
We spent the beginning of the week organizing a giant map with pins of where all of our active and inactive members, potential investigators, former investigators, and investigators are located. It took a lot of our time, but was worth it to make it a lot easier to know which people we should contact depending on the area we are in.
We went about a normal week in the Albany downtown area until friday, when we received a DOWNPOUR of blessings. On friday, we went outside, and nearly everyone we contacted invited us to come back to share a christmas message. Not only this, but we picked up 3 BRAND NEW investigators that day, all of which are very interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was spectacular. I'd like to tell you about one of these New Investigators-Shawn Gladdin. We passed by Shawn on the street twice before we contacted him on tuesday. Twice showing that the lord intended to have us talk to the guy. We talked to him and he said he had just moved from North Carolina and wanted us to return because he said he was at a time in his life where he has questions about which church and book is correct. In Albany, there are a lot of Jehovah's witnesses, so their bible is pretty well known. We returned on Friday and he invited us in. He asked us basically all the questions a young greenie missionary like myself would want to answer. We informed him about what we are going to be doing in our lessons with him and read the introduction to the Book of mormon together and bore testimony of it. He is going to read it! This is probably the greatest miracle I've experienced thus far on my mission.
At the end of Friday, Elder Hougaard and I tried to figure out what we did differently to have so much success that day. We realized it was nothing we did. God intented those people to hear the gospel. All a missionary is a vessel of the spirit that carries glad tidings of great joy to the world. We have an organized map, some solid investigators, some great great goals, and we are ready to attack this transfer! The lord provided us the needs to have a successful transfer.
I have been reading a lot about the Nephi in 3rd Nephi. I challenge you all this week to read 3 Nephi chapters 1-8 to see what happens in the americas in the time that Jesus come to the earth in Jerusalem, and how the Nephites prepare for his coming in 3 Nephi 11.
I love you all muito. Always remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas!
Elder Kunzler

Christmas Spirit

My favorite human

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