Utica, NY

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Your Utican missionary

Hello Family!

This email will be kept relatively short since I don't have much time to write today and I want to catch up on replying to everyone's personal emails.

Things are still going quite well here in upstate New York. I still love the gospel of Jesus Christ with every fiber of my being and the capacities it has to bring families such as our own together. I don't know what or where i'd be without it.

This week was mostly spent traveling. I spent Tuesday on an exchange in Troy, NY with Elder Freeman from Lehi, UT. Troy is a very small and very old village very close to Albany. The entire city is obsessed with Uncle Sam, since he spent most of his life in Troy. There are little statues of Uncle Sam on every street corner, where he is dressed in different costumes, such as captain america and as a pirate.

Thursday night I spent the night in the Mission Home with Elder Menlove. We had a special Trainer/Trainee meeting in Utica all day Friday where we followed up on how the first transfer of the mission has been. We were trained by President Joseph B. Wirthin, jr., Sister Wirthlin, the Assistants and Senior couple missionaries. It was a great day, as dad would say.

I love you all and wish you a happy week. I'll let you know if I got my visa this transfer next week! I love you all!
Elder James Christian Kunzler

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