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Friday, October 11, 2013

Cinco Semanas em O CTM!

Olá meu Amando Família e amigos!

Another week has flown by in the MTC, and it's crazy that I am out of here a week from Wednesday. I can't believe I am getting my reassignment in a week. I am SO excited about that though. It is so exciting to see where the missionaries here have been reassigned. Elder Spragg is going to Houston! Crazy because that's where Saeder is! We all guessed on the white board yesterday where everyone will get called to serve temporarily. Many people in my district think my destiny will be begin in Florida. No one thinks I will get my visa. Rofl. I will let you know where I'm going as soon as a I can, even though they will probably email you the travel itinerary before I have time to send you an email. My guess is Salt Lake City :)

By the way, don't Google Translate the parts of this email that are written in Portuguese. They won't make sense. Just believe that I am learning Portuguese, and allow Jacob to "poke" fun at me. It's easier to speak than to type or write.

Our "fake" investigators are progressing very well. We are preparing Antonio for baptism, and helping Jessica find faith in God and Jesus Christ. She still struggles with the concept of there being a god, so we've been moving slowly with her, but the lessons have been very spiritual.

Elder Henderson dislocated his shoulder in Soccer on Saturday, and it got really bad Sunday night. I gave him a blessing Sunday night and we pretty much spend the whole day on Monday in Hospitals and the doctors office. I had some quality time to write a few letters and read the scriptures while the smells of Rubbing Alcohol and hand sanitizer were stained in my nostrils. I studied a lot about Ammon and his missionary qualities. He is my favorite person in the Book of Mormon other than Jesus Christ, but not because he was buff and cut off a lot of arms. His attitude about service and Christlike attributes are very admirable, especially for a young lad of a missionary like me. Elder Henderson is doing quite well now.

We left the MTC campus a few times that day to go to the hospital and physical therapist on a shuttle. It was extremely weird. As we drove by LaVell Edwards stadium and a Taco Bell, I felt like I was in a new realm. The song "funky town" from Shrek 2 was playing in my head. I wondered if I would run into Jacob, but I didn't. Then when I got back, I felt like I was home. It was weird. But honestly, there really is an amazing spirit here in the MTC. I could feel the difference.

On Wednesday I hosted a bunch of missionaries who checked in to the MTC for the first time. It was so much fun. Two were going to the Salem mission. I told them that Sister Kunzler would feed them the greatest Salmon they would ever have. Don't them them down, Mother :) It's so crazy that I was in their shoes just a few weeks ago, even though I felt like I knew everything about the MTC and that I grew up here. The mission is flying! I have already been here a month! Weird!

There was a warrant for my arrest for a couple days! I guess I never registered for Selective service when I turned 18, and the government treated it as me refusing to register. I took care of it with the front desk, so now I should be safe, but if I end up spending my mission in Prison, I will still try to be the best missionary I can be. My teacher laughed at me and said that I was a communist.

Hopefully that's enough information to get you all updated on my life here in the MTC. I still love it. I learn so much and experience extremely spiritual things every day. I miss you all, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere than in the hand's of the lord. I have never been so happy in my entire life. You don't need to wear a name tag to feel this spirit. Get involved with the missionaries by finding people they could teach, and help them teach them! It's the BEST thing in this beautiful world we live in.

Eu amo vocês muito, e eu esperança vocês têm um feliz semana!

Elder Kunzler

My struggling companion, seeing animals for the first time in a month.

Me trying to be cool

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