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Thursday, May 22, 2014

O Companheiro Novo

I've finally found Elder Bybee from the Salem Oregon Stake. He's such a bundle of joy

Elder Hougaard is leaving me. There comes to a certain point when you've spent every moment for 6 months with a person that he becomes part of you. That part is leaving me, and it feels WEIRD. I have learned so much about diligence, obendience, persistence, and so many more things from him. He is a solid rock.
Elder Hougaard went with his MTC district and President and Sister Wirthlin to see the church history sites so the first half of my week was spent with in Utica with Elder Watkins. He is a great friend of mine, not only because he has the same taste in music as me and is going to BYU, but he has a heart of gold. I learned a ton from him. I had always thought that the assistants just worked in the mission office all day and ate with members, but we spent those days working in a bundle of different areas and even picked up a couple new investigators. Working in a different part of New York gave me assurance that I can have success even if I'm not serving in a big city.
I'm staying here in downtown Albany and my new companion's name is Elder Ledford. I will my begin time with him on Wednesday, but I've heard he's from Tennessee. I've never known anyone from there so I'm excited to meet him! Hopefully he has a southern accent and cooks good ribs.
Ben Foote is amazing! We met with him 4 times this week, and each time we visit his prayers get stronger and stronger. His comprehension of the Book of Mormon has skyrocketed and he's reading every day. It's amazing that someone without religion or prayer in their life can change in just a few weeks. I really hope to be able to see his baptism this transfer!
God is a God of miracles. He leads us exactly where we need to be if we are obedient, submissive, and meek. No one can tell me otherwise because of the miracles I witness every day. God loves us and always helps those who love him. When we feel we are in darkness we can pray to feel his love and feel it. I know this. It's happened to me.
It was such a blessing to see most of you yesterday. I could feel of your light and it's so good to see you all so happy. Jonah and Jaden are old and talk like teens from the teen hub on the Disney Cruise.
Boa sorte esta semana!
Elder Kunzler

Emack Attack Ice Cream challenge victory. We brought the church out of obscurity by getting our picture on the wall of fame. Ziggy Piggy

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