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Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Side of the Mountains

The Yarleque's (just before Elder Hougaard left)

Family, Friends, and Peers-
I have a new companion. His name is Elder Ledford. He resembles almost perfectly the blonde band member of Rascal Flatts. I found that out today when we saw a Rascal Flatts poster at walmart today. He didn't think so though. It turns out he doesn't have a country boy accent, except when he tells people where he's from. He always says, "Chattanooga, Tennessee" in a southern accent. Radical. He and I are going to teach the gospel to every creeping thing that creepeth in downtown Albany. It will be swell!
Transfer weeks are a bit slow when someone leaves, but the Lord blessed us with a few tender moments this week. Even though I've spent my entire mission in this area so far, there always seems to be new spiritual experiences to enjoy and new people to meet.
Shortly after transfers, we met a way solid potential named Julia on the bus on the way to our appointment with Ben Foote. She expressed a lot of interest of what we do, what differentiates our religion from others, and why we devote two years of service to God. She said she wasn't religious, but talked with us later in the evening over the phone and we set up an appointment for this week.
Speaking of Ben Foote, he is still soaring. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom, thinking he would have a hard time accepting it since he collects wine corks and bottles and a coffee maker in the kitchen. He had no problem accepting to live the Word of Wisdom, and even said that it was "common sence" to live it because God doesn't want us to put harmful substances into our bodies. THIS MAN IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
Christian Yarleque will be receiving the Priesthood this Sunday. We prepared him yesterday by teaching him about the authority and covenant of the priesthood. He will be able to baptize his two yound children soon. It gives me the chills thinking that their family will be sealed in the temple while I am still a missionary.
Being a missionary is not only a sacred duty, but a priviledge. It is hard work, but very fun and rewarding. I am so grateful for the opportunity I've had to do this and increase my testimony each day. I cannot believe Josh is about to finish his 2 years. His mission went by very slowly before I came on mine. And now he is going home. Josh, the seeds you planted in France will continue to grow forever.
You all are the best.
Be merry,
Elder Kunzler

Ben Foote

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