Utica, NY

Monday, January 20, 2014

my mission

I am still here in Downtown Albany New York for a reason. The work is moving forward at an intense rate. The blessings are numerous and I am part of it all.
First of all, I am getting stronger every day, literally. Once a tiny tim, I will one day turn into the Incredible Hulk. Since we got sisters in our branch, Elder Gouhaard (Formerly known as Elder Hougaard) and I had the priviledge of taking their Workout station and begun our journey of getting buff. This is very unimportant information, but I felt the nerve to share it because my arms are swelling and it's rather difficult to type this email.
We picked up another pesquisadora this week! At a dinner appointment with Jeff Ramos, he surprised us with someone anxious to hear the word of the lord. Her is Katrina, she is 19, and has lived a pretty rough life and has been been humbled by it because of some poor choices she has made that she is in recovery for. She was very interested to learn that as missionaries we place our lives on hold for 18 months to 2 years and pay for it. She said, "Then what you say must be true!" Kinda neat. She wants us to teach her and her boyfriend, and bless their lives for eternity.
I mentioned earlier that we picked up the Finkell family whom we found while shoveling snow, a huge blessing for Elder Hougaard and I. Just recently, a family member very close to them passed away and they have really been struggling with this huge trial and have even expressed that they may want to put out meetings on hold for a while. Please, Please, Please pray for them. PLEASE. I am so worried about them. I know God gave them this trial to prepare them for the restored gospel that allows us to be families for eternity, but they do not know that. Trials are difficult, but when treated in a healthy way, make us such stronger people. As cliche as that sounds, it is true.
On a happier note, Devon, the investigator we found outside our apartment door is progressing well. He is going to be baptized and is keeping his commitments! He's going to unintoxicate his body with nicotine through the cleansing power of the atonement! We are extremely excited to sit by him at church for the first time this upcoming Sunday. Pray for him as well.
Thank you all for allowing me to be away these 2 years to help others know and feel the blessings of the gospel we have been blessed with all of our lives. I am amazed at how broad my knowledge has become and the spirit I have felt from being part of this work. I cannot express what it is like to be a missionary. It is just incredible. It has increased my testimony that will God will make us into what he wants if we are humble. When I find myself trapped in my pride, progression stops.
I love you all in ways I cannot express. Have the best week of your young lives.
Elder Kunzler

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