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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Feliz Feriado!

Oi Familia!

Have you enjoyed your Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? I know mine was a lot better spent than the past ones I've had in my life. Today I got to see mummies for free at the Albany Art and History Museum! Rad!

Yesterday at church a man and his wife from Ecuador came to our little Branch. After seeing that my nametag is written in a language not of this land, he began speaking to me in Portuguese. It was the greatest thing, because NOT one soul could understand him but me, and he commented that I could speak well. Slow, but well. Turns out this man, Hyrum Ruiz, is living in Albany for a couple months for his wife to give birth to her firstborn at AlbanyMed Hospital. He has been a member his whole life, and even served a brasileiro mission. He is currently living with a part-member inactive family, and wants us to come by and bring more souls closer to Christ. He even said he would like to do language study with me and take a picture of me to send to his sister living in Curitiba. Ternas Misercodias do Senhor!

We had a very spiritually uplifting Zone Conference this week. The trainings prepared were incredible, probably the best ones I've been part of here in Albany. The Zone Leaders spoke about Aspiring to what God wants for us, the Assistants talked about the Atonement and using it to become Preach my Gospel missionaries, and President Wirthlin trained on the Doctrine of Christ. I felt like I left that meeting a better person, partly because I got to witness my companion singing a solo at the end of the Conference!

Probably the greatest thing I am excited about this transfer is that we are now teaching the Johnson family, an African American family of many children. I say many because I don't know exactly how many because they are in and out, but I've seen 3 children meandering through the corridors of their casa. They want to join the church as a family! Perhaps my first baptism on the mission will be a family!

I love the lord and I love his work! I love knowing that I am a clean vessel to carry the spirit of Christ with me and share it with Brasil and New York. I know that we can become cleansed through the atonement. I know that I don't completely understand the atonement and that this is an overstatement, but I know it works.

Tem um otimo semana e lembro que Eu amo voces muito!

Elder James Kunzler

Jolly Ol' Doug Plante and his Transformation

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