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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

O Evangelho Abencoa as Familias

Hey Family!
I would really like to catch up on replying to some of your emails, so this one may be a bit shorter than most. Please forgive me.
I began my week on an exchange in Troy, New York. This is where Uncle Sam was invented. I have been there before on an exchange, but it was really great to help out Elder Koga with his work over there and get to know some of the members of the Albany ward. I had a very enjoyable experience because I love Elder Koga and I love exchanges. We found a graet potential who looks like Mace Windu. Maybe I'll name my firstborn Mace.
Currently we are in a tri-panionship. Jake Beck, an 18 year old youth from Elmira is assisting us in the work. He is EXACTLY like Alec Scott, in fact, it is him, in a different body. Jake Beck is an indie who is on a lifelong pusuit to follow his dreams. But really it has been a great opportunity for me to teach someone a few tricks with missionary work. He is very eager to learn things that will help help for his real mission. He goes home on Thursday.
A couple months ago we met a guy named Kenneth sitting on a bench who seemed really depressed, so we talked to him. He expressed that he had been going through a lot in his life, with the recent dramatic death of his wife. We were able to finally able to meet with him this week after months of trying to contact him. We gave him a message of hope including parts of the Plan of Salvation. It was easy to feel the spirit. He committed to being baptized, and we will follow up with him on a date this week.
Thank you all for always beginning my Mondays bright with a plenthora of all your emails. I can really feel a closeness to you and I really enjoy reading how you all are doing. I have no idea who I would be without the amount of support I have.
Tem um otimo semana,
Elder Kunzler

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